Wait. Jerky can be healthy?

Yup! Jerky is basically dried, seasoned beef. With a bit of care, it is possible to make a healthy jerky.


KOOEE! Jerky Trail Mix is exactly that. It’s high in protein, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and has no added sugar, preservatives, nitrates or anything artificial.


Should I be worried about the amount of salt in your snacks?

No. Jerky Trail Mix is a healthy addition to a balanced diet. Reasonable salt intake is essential to regulate healthy amounts of fluid in your body (especially if you're an athlete). It’s like your grandma always says: everything in moderation.


We use sea salt to preserve and dry our beef jerky the good old-fashioned way. This is necessary because we do not add any sugar, preservatives or nitrates. Our snacks have between 350 and 470mg of sodium. By comparison, a leading store-bought jerky has over 1200mg per serving - now that’s a bit excessive!


How many calories in your snacks?

Around 250 per pack.


Are they high in fat?

Yes, our products are relatively high in fat. But they’re good fats. Hear us out:


It’s a common misconception that all fat is bad for you. In fact, we’ve heard many health-conscious people say they are trying to get more healthy fats into their diet. The fats found in our snacks contain vital fatty acids like omega-3 and are derived almost exclusively from natural animal and nut sources. None of our products contain any trans-fat—a bad type of fat that is often artificially produced.


Does your Jerky Trail Mix have sugar in it?

There’s no added sugar or any type of sweetener in our jerky, which is quite uncommon. We think there is far too much sugar in conventional store-bought foods, so we’ve tried to provide a healthier alternative with KOOEE!


We use dried fruit in our trail mix, which does have some naturally occurring sugar. None of our naturally dried fruits have any added refined sugar, and all are completely free from sulfates and preservatives.


In fact, the FDA has now proposed updated nutrition labeling requirements that would show the difference between naturally occurring and added sugar.


I'm allergic to certain foods. Can I eat this snack?

Our products are certified gluten-free and soy-free, but do contain the following tree nuts: ALMONDS, CASHEWS, PECANS, WALNUTS and COCONUT (from coconut aminos used in our jerky marinade). If you are allergic to any of the nuts contained in any of our products, we recommend you avoid our products altogether. 


Our products do not have any ingredients that contain lactose or dairy.


When should I eat this snack?

After a workout, in the office, on a hike or after a surf—it’s up to you!


Our Jerky Trail Mix is an unprocessed source of protein, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and nutrients. Whenever you need to fuel those aching muscles, replenish your reserves, or boost your energy levels, grab a pack—and don’t forget to KOOEE!


Where is KOOEE! Jerky Trail Mix available?

You can purchase our snacks online.


Want to stock KOOEE! in your store or gym? Visit our Wholesale page.


Do you ship internationally?

Possibly—it depends on the country!


Give us a shout@kooeesnacks.com to see if we can help. Unfortunately our free shipping option is only available for the USA. 


Where does your beef come from?

All of our 100% grass-fed beef is ethically and sustainably raised in Tasmania, Australia. Read more about our beef here. You can also trace your individual pack of Jerky Trail Mix back to the farm where the beef was raised in the “trace our beef” section.


Why are you using Australian beef?

Australian farmers have a long tradition of using sustainable and ethical farming practices, including raising beef free from hormones and antibiotics, making it the perfect source for KOOEE!’s healthy and nature-loving customers!


Our beef comes from Tasmania, which has ideal weather conditions to allow cattle to feed on grass year-round. Many of the farms are from an area that is a global scientific benchmark for pure air and water. The result is happy cows and delicious, healthy beef.


Read more about our beef here, and keep an eye on our social media for photos from this beautiful corner of the world. 


What does 100% grass-fed free-range beef mean?

The animals we use for our beef have had continuous, free-range access to pastures throughout their lifecycle, and have never been confined to a feedlot. Cattle have been individually identified at birth by a unique tag to ensure that they are only ever 100% grass-fed.


It probably goes without saying that beef is packed with protein.  When compared to regular, grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef contains up to five times as much Omega-3 fatty acid, and is loaded with more CLA, Vitamins A and E and micronutrients. 


What is “Never-Ever”, Grass-fed beef?

“Never-Ever” is a certification of our beef.  It means that it is 100% grass-fed beef, guaranteed to have been raised without added hormones, antibiotics or GMOs.


Is this product Paleo-friendly?

Yes! KOOEE! Jerky Trail Mix is one of the most paleo-friendly snacks you will find. It is:

·         gluten, soy and dairy-free

·         minimally processed: we use only whole-muscle cuts of grass-fed beef for our jerky

·         made with raw nuts and seeds

·         free from added sugar and preservatives


What is the Paleo diet?

At its simplest, the Paleo diet is based on the premise that we should revert to eating real, whole, unprocessed foods, including pasture-raised meats, fish, lots of vegetables, fruits, tree nuts and seeds, and little starch and no sugar. The core message is to move away from the traditional Nutrition Pyramid and our reliance on highly processed foods

There are many interpretations of the Paleo diet with varying levels of strictness. Our products can be enjoyed by people on all points of the spectrum.

Check out this great comic for a good explanation.


Have you thought about other flavors and mixes?

You bet--we're always in the kitchen cooking up something new. In fact, we've got two new recipes in the works that we can't wait to share with our fans!


Why did you pick KOOEE as the name of your snacks?

Because we love the outdoors! Learn more about this great Australian word here.


What's a RIP > PEEL > MIX pouch?

We've created our own unique RIP > PEEL > MIX pouch so you can eat our snacks like a true trail mix.


The jerky is stored in one compartment and trail mix in the other in order to maintain freshness, maximize flavor and to prevent sticky fingers. When you rip open the bag, the dividing seal peels away, allowing you to eat the dried fruit, nuts, seeds and jerky all mixed together.