The KOOEE! journey began out on the trail.


The search for the perfect natural, high-protein snack started with our deep-rooted Aussie love for the outdoors. From swinging kettle-bells to running ultra-marathons, we needed a healthier snack to fuel our active lifestyles – both on the trail and at our desks. Frustrated that most high-protein snacks were highly processed and full of sugar, we decided to create our own, using only the highest quality ingredients.


Ideally, we wanted to eat something high-protein, made with real whole foods, that also tasted great. Encouraged by my wife Nat, I set myself the task and began experimenting with different recipes in my home kitchen, to create that perfect snack. 


The result? A delicious range of all-natural Jerky Trail Mix. Each pack includes a wholesome blend of 100% grass-fed beef jerky, naturally dried fruit, raw nuts and seeds, and nutrient rich superfoods.


Colleagues soon discovered me grazing on my Jerky Trail Mix at my desk. Craving something both tastier and more nutritious than what was conveniently available, they begged me to make “Super Snacks” for them too, and before long, our weekends were spent fulfilling orders in our tiny home kitchen.


A twist of fate allowed us to take this one step further when we moved to the US. After a tremendous amount of encouragement from our new American friends, I decided to turn down the corporate gig, switch the suit for an apron, and launch KOOEE!.


We now live in San Francisco, and our equally passionate friends Pika, Jamie and Andy have become Jerkypreneurs too and joined the KOOEE! team. Through the help (and taste buds) of countless friends, we’re now proud to finally share KOOEE! with you!


So whatever your next adventure, whether it’s a hike, surf, cycle, or simply that marathon three hour office meeting, grab a pack of our Super Snacks. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to KOOEE!